Goldman Sachs Wins Dismissal of Short Sale Suit by Overstock

Goldman Sachs Wins Dismissal of Short Sale Suit by Overstock
In short selling, investors sell shares they have borrowed in anticipation of making a profit by paying for the stock after its price has fallen. In naked short selling, traders never borrow the stock and can drive down prices by flooding the market
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A look at how some tech IPO stocks are faring
Below is a look at how the stocks of some recently public companies are faring. The companies are all loosely Internet-related, though their businesses vary widely. — Zynga Inc., creator of online games, first trading day on Dec. 16.
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Week's Key Events Make Traders Wary Amid Overbought Levels
A preliminary report released by Japan'sMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry showed that the leading economic indicators index edged down 0.2 percent in November following a 1.2 percent increase in September. European stocks are trading lower
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Sarkozy Pushes Tax on Stock Trading
As Wall Street bankers and hedge funds deploy powerful computers in “high-frequency trading” – siphoning off capital meant for productive purposes – one counter-measure would be a “financial transaction tax” to discourage the practice and pay for jobs
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